1. ET 2007/06/11 04:47

    Great Blog! I am ET (my initials)and I lived in Japan (Fukuoka, and Okayama) for about 5.5 years and am now living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I travel to Japan about twice a year to visit my in-laws and love to keep my finger on the pulse of Japan and Asia in general. Keep up the good work!!


    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/06/13 14:29

      Hi, if you get a chance to Tokyo, please drop by! :)

  2. yenn 2007/06/07 19:44

    Hi, Chang Won. Glad you dropped by. And I have just found the good news. Wedding blogs! That's extra cool. You two have my sincerest congratulations!!!

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/06/13 14:30

      Yes, the man's getting married :) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Michael Hong 2007/05/29 06:09

    It was a pleasure meeting you at NILS. By the way, your description of my company finishes in an open-ended manner as the last sentence for some reason is not complete.

    Personally, I enjoyed meeting the fellow VCs and entrepreneurs from Japan at NILS. I have found them open and engaging despite that I speak very little Japanese. In fact, they invited me over for a night out in downtown Sapporo where we ate very good seafood followed by a visit to a local karaoke bar with some nice booze to keep our spirit high.

    Most of them spoke some level of English and were able to communicate resonably well, although from time to time, I had to rely on the translator for more clear understanding.

    See some great opportunities in Japan for

    Have asked my guys to check your service and if they find it
    interesting, Will have someone in my office be in touch with you.

    Regardless, let's keep in touch.


    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/06/02 17:54

      Mr Hong, thanks for visiting my blog. I realized the content was missing, only now. Perhaps the best way to make the content complete would be, well, a guest post by you - will i be able to have the honor of having you on my blog? I'll send an email soon :)

  4. Oliver Starr 2007/05/05 04:03

    Thank you Oliver.

    Chang, Oliver's description is 100% accurate. We're looking for a consultant to help open up the Asian market. Would you be interested in talking further?


    Sam Wick
    Head of Business Development
    ±userplane, an AOL Company

    1351 Fourth Street., Suite 200
    Santa Monica, CA 90401

    From: Tele Dextrous [mailto:]
    Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2007 5:07 PM
    To: "Chang W. Kim"; Sam Wick
    Subject: Introductions


    I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Sam Wick of Userplane. Chang, Sam is head of Business Development at Userplane. They are interested in expansion outside the US into Asia and Europe and he asked me whom I knew in Asia that had their finger on the pulse of the social networking and web2.0 scene in the east and you immediately came to mind.

    I don't know what you are up to these days or how busy you are but I thought I would at least open the door for you and Sam to begin a dialog. I don't need to be in the way, but I am certainly happy to lend a hand in whatever capacity it become clear I can be of value.

    If either of you have any questions or problems or for some reason have trouble connecting, please let me know and I will see what I can do to help facilitate interaction and forward progress.

    Sincere Regards,

    Oliver Starr, SVP Biz Dev, Foldera Corp
    Senior Analyst, Mobile; Guidewire Group

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/05/25 10:53

      Sorry Sam, I don't check out my guestbooks so often so I missed this one. Although I'm a full time CEO so I can't be involved in the action directly, but I'd be more than happy to introduce proper people to you, if you want. Thanks! // And Oliver how are you? I'll send an email shortly.

  5. ClappingTrees 2007/04/26 01:20

    Great site. Interesting tools used on the blog. Impressive in fact. May I invite you to join the Asia Social Media 2.0 network on Ning ( Would be truly honored if you do. Need especially someone like you who focuses on Web 2.0 in Korea and Japan. We currently have 16 members: 5 from Singapore, 3 China, 2 Malaysia, 1 Japan, 1 Korea, 1 Cambodia, 1 Filipino, 1 Indonesia, 1 Thai. Two are actually top 10 bloggers in their countries, according to Technorati stats.

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/05/02 01:28

      Hi, I just saw this - I don't check out my guestbook so often (which isn't too good I guess ^^) I just subscribed to your Ning site.. how can I move from there? :)

  6. yarışma 2007/04/15 05:29

    nice site

  7. William M. Tu 2007/04/05 08:27

    I came across your blog while browsing some web2 stories. Very well written and organized I must say. I'm interested in getting your perspective on the industry's adoption of Web 2.0 Services and the ties into hardware devices (consumer as well as enterprise).

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/05/02 01:29

      Thanks for the comment - I'll try to write a post on that topic soon.

  8. Hamish McKenzie 2007/03/07 16:32


    I'm a journalist for a magazine called Digital Media. We cover digital marketing in Asia. I'm working on a story about Samsung's Uberme, and I would like to interview you for it. Could youplease contact me? My email is

    Many thanks,
    Hamish McKenzie

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/03/17 15:30

      I just sent you an email, thanks :)

  9. frank 2007/03/05 20:02

    hi. is there a possibility to get in contact with you. i wanted to invite you to speak at a conference on web 2.0. my email address is . best, frank

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/03/17 15:30

      Hi Frank, check out the email

  10. S&S Media 2007/02/01 17:06

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