1. Angus Lau 2007/12/21 19:57

    A new look, and it's Hong Kong! good~ Maybe rotate the images between Asian countries?

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/12/27 16:34

      Hey, thanks for noting, Angus!

  2. 2007/12/12 22:36

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  3. 2007/12/07 00:24

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  4. 2007/12/01 14:39

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  5. 2007/11/28 20:07

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  6. Jens Hoffmann 2007/11/16 02:24

    I am involved in the European web 2.0 scene and still partner of
    Keep goin web 2.0 asia. Sanook.
    Bangkok 15/11/07

  7. indir 2007/11/11 04:41

    I wanted hear not from user prospective but from your side.

  8. carpet 2007/11/11 04:40

    Why do you think that Tistory is better than WP? (I don't know if you think Tistory is better than WP, but I am gonna ask you anyway.) There are so many blogging tools these days, but what makes Tistory outstanding? (I am just asking a question here, because I really can't say which one is better.) I wanted hear not from user prospective but from your side.

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/11/13 18:59

      Hey thanks for comment but I think it's a matter that can be discussed better via email rather than on this blog... My email is at gmail dot com so pls send me an email anytime! :)

  9. araba 2007/11/11 04:39

    hey i don't even remember how i found your blog lol but anyway....
    i see you are in charge of tatter tools! i used to use tistory but i m a wordpress user now. i am not saying that wp is better than tistory or something,

  10. oyun 2007/11/11 04:39

    nice site nd am now living in Honolulu, Hawaii. I travel to Japan about twice a year to visit my in-laws and love to keep my finger on the pulse of Japan and Asia in general. Keep up the good work!!

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