1. oyun 2007/10/20 10:05

    Great Blog! ı lived in Turkey(İstanbul) I love you japans

  2. Elle C. 2007/09/01 03:41

    hey i don't even remember how i found your blog lol but anyway....
    i see you are in charge of tatter tools! i used to use tistory but i m a wordpress user now. i am not saying that wp is better than tistory or something, i just like wp's simple design although tistory has more functionalities.

    Why do you think that Tistory is better than WP? (I don't know if you think Tistory is better than WP, but I am gonna ask you anyway.) There are so many blogging tools these days, but what makes Tistory outstanding? (I am just asking a question here, because I really can't say which one is better.) I wanted hear not from user prospective but from your side.

    Thanks and have a great one. ;)

  3. 2007/08/20 20:12

    비밀댓글 입니다

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/08/20 23:33

      Hi Sarah I sent you an email just now :)

  4. 2007/08/20 18:52

    비밀댓글 입니다

  5. Christopher Billich 2007/07/31 19:30

    Hi there,

    since you linked my post on the mobagetown business model recently (thanks!), I think you may be interested in one I wrote on two similar services today, Chipuya Town and Ekimoba, both of which have their interesting points. It's linked via our company website top page.

    Cheers and keep up the good work with the blog, I am a frequent reader!

  6. 2007/07/21 10:17

    비밀댓글 입니다

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/07/25 00:50

      Sorry Mr Lu, my email is chang1 dot kim at gmail dot com. Sorry about late reply!

  7. bj 2007/07/17 08:19

    great blog on the asian market and its adoption of web 2.0 technologies. do you have an email that you can be reached at?

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/07/25 00:51

      Sorry to be late - see above for my email.

  8. güreş 2007/07/07 18:16

    thank you webmaster

  9. eglence, komik 2007/07/07 18:15

    Great Blog! ;)

  10. yutube, yotube, youtubevideos 2007/07/07 18:15

    Great Blog! ı lived in Turkey(İstanbul):) I love you japans

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2007/07/25 00:51

      Wow - hello from Turkey, it's impressive :)

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