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  1. 2008/06/27 On the internet, it's not 20/80 - it's more like 10/70
As mentioned on a previous post, Agora, Korean portal site Daum's web forum service, has been on fire during the recent (ongoing, actually) anti-beef-import candlelight protests.

It turned out that (link in Korean) the top 3.3% of the users contributed for nearly half of the whole posts; top 10% accounted for 71% of the entire postings.

This is a (rather dramatic) case that shows there are so few content creators (as opposed to content consumers) on the web. So forget about 20/80 rule - it's more like 10/70, or even 3/50.

Oh, by the way, this is crazy: The top 10 users logged whopping 21,180 posts during the last two months or so, averaging nearly 30 posts per day/person. Remember we're talking about long articles, sometimes really really long. And most articles are well-written, as the authors are well aware of how much of hateful comments they will get if they do a crappy post.

Of course these folks are not paid for their work or anything like that. Hey, Techcrunch writers - did you guys just whine "too many posts, too little time"? ;)
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