Ebay Korea gets hacked - the worst hacking ever

Other | 2008/04/17 19:11 | Web 2.0 Asia
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Auction, Ebay's Korean operation, announced that the personal data of over 60% of its total users had been hacked by a foreign hacker.

This means that the personal information, such as IDs, password, social security number, and even (for some users) credit card information, of over 10 million people have been hacked and leaked to someone who might do what God only knows with those personal data. As an auction user, I'm quite concerned myself as well.
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2008 Mashup Korea and Korea's Open API status

Web 2.0 | 2007/11/20 15:28 | Web 2.0 Asia
(Via Channy Yun) Daum and NHN will co-host the 2008 Mashup Korea. Mashup Korea will feature Mashup dev challenge (contestants can submit by Feb 10 '08), Mashup Expo (11/29), and Mashup Conference (11/30).

I just followed the links provided on Channy's post to see how Korean web companies are providing open APIs. I think Daum is the best in terms of depth and breadth of open APIs provided. Openmaru is offering an English website for open API developers - check out the site here (the site looks clean and beautiful - now the wholemark of Openmaru).

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Openmaru open API page

But most impressive was the link I also found on Channy's post, regarding the open API-based strategic partnership between Auction and Daum cafe.

Daum cafe is Korea's biggest web BBS, and Auction is Ebay's Korean service.

Thanks to the APIs provided by the two services, user can cross-post an item on Daum cafe and on Auction at the same time, or sell items on Daum cafe using Auction's backend transaction service (such as escrow service).

What does this mean? Let's say you posted an entry about your used Ford on your web BBS. Imagine the entry will be automatically cross-posted under Ebay Auto, and visitors to the web BBS can buy your Ford using the same backend transaction system of Ebay.

Daum cafe is a huge service and Auction is now expecting its C2C e-commerce will see an increased volume of 25% next year, thanks largely to Daum cafe partnership. This is one of the best practices of open API based partnership, Channy says.