Tatter and Media enables blog media network

Web 2.0 | 2007/08/22 02:45 | Web 2.0 Asia
TNC (disclaimer: I'm co-chairing this company) launched Tatter and Media (available in Korean only for the time being), a blog media network.

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In short, it's the Federated Media of Korea. Some 40+ well-known blogs are participating in this blog media network to increase their reach and benefit from the increased ads-buying power.

A similar service in Japan can be found in the Agile Media Network.

How can Tatter and Media enable the participating bloggers to gain higher ad revenues? It's the scale of economy - the combined monthly page views across the whole blog networks are obviously much higher than those of each single blog site. As such, the "blog network" can find banner advertisers more easily and cut a better deal with those advertisers than a single blog site can.

What's up with the slightly off name "Tatter and Media"? Our company's blog software (which happens to be the most widely used server-hosted blog software in Korea with a dominating market share) has been called "Tattertools". Although we're changing the software's name to (more catchy and slightly more globally acceptable) Textcube, Tattertools is still the household name among the Korean bloggers - hence the name "Tatter and Media".

Obviously the Tatter and Media blog network does not only accept Tattertools blog software users - we're against walled gardens. But it just happens that the majority of the initially participating bloggers are Tattertools bloggers.

Again, hat tips to our crew who launched this blogger network in Korea. I'll contemplate about bringing this to Japan, but currently I'm too tied up with finishing this client project I've been doing in Tokyo for the last 5 months. We're almost finishing up the project and I'm about to start searching for the next opportunities lying ahead of us.
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