A fresh start of Web 2.0 Asia

Other | 2007/02/22 02:21 | Web 2.0 Asia
Today I met my friend Taewoo Danny Kim (who happens to be the #1 tech blogger in Korea) over dinner, and he said I should pick up the pace of my blogging. I said I'm dying to blog, but as a startup CEO I can't find time to blog at all.

But on second thought, perhaps I might have taken blogging too seriously. Maybe all it takes is to jot down my observations on Korean and Asian Web innovations in a paragraph or two, in a very casual, tongue-in-cheek voice. (Robert Scoble style, maybe?)

Last week, I was visited by a French video blogger named Thierry Bezier. He's had interviews with some big name tech guys from companies like Google, Flickr, Wordpress, and Feedburner. He came to Korea for interviews and I was the first person he contacted - Thierry cited my blog as "the only possible source he could find for information on the Asian web 2.0." I should admit his comment is a bit overrated but I was quite flattered anyway, and comments like his challenge me greatly for kickstarting my blogging again.

Thanks Taewoo and Thierry. By the way, Taewoo Kim is considering about starting a pan-Asian tech blog network in English. Taewoo speaks and writes in English on a native level. Wish all the great success for him, and hope he will invite me as one of the authors. 
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