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  1. 2009/05/13 Enswer.me seems to have found the holy grail of monetizing online videos
  2. 2008/12/03 "Study God" on Youtube Korea (4)
  3. 2008/07/24 Youtube Korea seeing a nice growth
  4. 2008/03/12 Chen says Youtube "commited to Korean market"
  5. 2008/01/25 Youtube Opens Korean Service - But Will It Succeed? (7)
  6. 2008/01/17 Google now #2 in Japan

Boys Over Flowers was the nation's most watched TV drama. Based on a Japanese animation, the Korean TV drama saw phenomenal success, with its ratings as high as 30%. 

In this Youtube era, people upload TV content on the web literally the minute after programs are aired. Content owners are almost frantic to chase after those non-copyright uploaders and delete their uploaded content. But it often ends up being a mere hide and seek game, as for every deleted piece, there is always another piece of the same content getting uploaded. Also, content deletion leads to a bad user experience, as people often see the image of a video, click on it, and end up seeing "This content has been deleted due to the request of the original owner" sign.  

Back to the Boys Over Flowers. The content owners of Boys Over Flowers knew that their program would be put up on the internet in no time, and their effort to hunt down the illegal uploads would be simply not enought. So intead they worked with Enwer.me, a video startup (which I covered in my previous post), to search the user-uploaded Boys Over Flowers content on Daum and Cyworld, and put relevant ads. 

Content owners, instead of relentlessly chasing after user uploaded content and deleting them, could generate fresh ads revenue -- the more users upload content, the more money content owners make. Enswer's video search technology enabled such targeted video ads, and anyone would agree that this would be a far better way to monetize video content than banning user uploads and restricting the viewing experience to those channels that the content owners have direct control over. Job well done. 

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"Study God" on Youtube Korea

Web 2.0 | 2008/12/03 01:08 | Web 2.0 Asia

Youtube Korea lauched a video channel dedicated to college prep tutorials, being taught by a group of renowned instructors - dubbed as "Gong Shin", meaning "Study God" in Korean. The "Study Gods" are well known for their academic capabilities and college test prep know-hows. 

Photo from Bloter.net

As well known, Korea is one of those countries where what college you went to plays a decisive role in securing good jobs. Consequently, too many highschool students vie for too few spots at top schools - and naturally cram schools and personal instructors abound, and believe it or not, sometimes proximity to good cram schools can drive local house prices. 

In that sense, Youtube's Study God channel can be a great levelizer. Youtube Study God channel is a free service to everyone who has access to the internet, and in Korea (fortunately), even the less privileged kids have relatively easy access to high speed internet. This will help making good test-prep content available to more students, not only the privileged students who can afford such content. If one of the virtues of the internet is to create a level playing field, what area would be more socially beneficial to have a level playing field than education? 
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Youtube Korea seeing a nice growth

Web 2.0 | 2008/07/24 18:29 | Web 2.0 Asia
ZDNet Korea reports that Youtube has seen a nice growth since its launch in Korea, making the service a third popular service among all video services in Korea.

사용자 삽입 이미지

Youtube PV (source: Korean Click)

According to Korean Click, a Korean web analytics service, Youtube Korea is doing about 55mm monthly page views, while Pandora.tv (the leading player) is doing about 160mm. Youtube Korea's traffic grew by 66% in the first half of the year, making the service the highest growth entertainment web property in Korea.

The recent success of Youtube is largely attributed to localized content - Youtube Korea has partnered with Korea's local content companies such as cable TV networks. But some people also believe that at least part of the reason why Youtube is popular in Korea is because as a foreign service, Youtube is not directly under the government control.

Chen says Youtube "commited to Korean market"

Web 2.0 | 2008/03/12 16:51 | Web 2.0 Asia
Steve Chen, co-founder of Youtube, visited Korea yesterday and said the online video service is "fully commited" to the Korean market. Chen also said Youtube Korean will make sure the service is compliant with local IP laws.

Meanwhile, according to Rankey.com, a Korean web analytics company, Youtube Korea generated 2.6M monthly page views for February this year, showing a 409% year-over-year growth. Youtube Korea's monthly PVs are now at about 11.7% those of Korean market-leading incumbent Pandora.tv.

Now, 11.7% doesn't sound so big, but 409% YOY growth sounds quite a nice growth. So Youtube Korea is growing fast - Certainly faster than Google itself, which still has <2% share in Korean search market.

Chen admitted Youtube Korea is still largely just a language translation (which I pointed in this blog) - but they will undertake more efforts specifically suited for Korean market, including building content partnerships with local content partners, Chen said.
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Youtube Opens Korean Service - But Will It Succeed?

Web 2.0 | 2008/01/25 01:14 | Web 2.0 Asia
launched a few days ago. Although some "in the know" Koreans have been using Youtube, it's the first time Youtube is offered as a fully localized service in Korea.

사용자 삽입 이미지

But it's not very clear to me what winning strategies Youtube has for the Korean market. Unlike in Japan, where there haven't been many local incumbents providing online video service, Korea has some pretty strong local players in the sector. (Update: This part was a bit misleading and see my comment below for further clarification). One of the hottest buzzwords among the Korean web industry over the past couple of years has been "UCC", a term Koreans like to use for user-created online videos. With the UCC phenom sweeping the country, Korea has no shortage of capable online video service providers.

As such, Youtube will face some tough competition in Korea, against the likes of Daum TV Pot and Pandora TV. Google Korea says Youtube Korea has partnered with top-tier content partners in Korea and so its forte lies in the content. But then, which online video company doesn't say so?

So here's the brain teaser for you: If you were the person in charge of launching Youtube in Korean market (or you can also put your own country in there), what would you do?
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Google now #2 in Japan

Web 2.0 | 2008/01/17 00:23 | Web 2.0 Asia
(Via Hatena) Nielsen/NetRatings Japan announced Google is now #2 in Japanese market, surpassing Rakuten, in terms of number of users. These are cross-property figures, meaning the # of Google users include Youtube users as well.
사용자 삽입 이미지

When I was in Japan, I saw quite a few Japanese people using Google search. (Google search market share in Japan is estimated around 35%). And also Youtube is very strong in Japan, partly thanks to the service's foreign basis which helps Japanese users go around the tricky Japanese IP/legal issues. Google seem to be doing fairly well in Japan, as IBM and Apple does.

In contrast, Google is not gaining much turf in the neighboring Korean market - although Korea is the world's 6th largest web market, Google has only around 1.5% market share versus local Naver's 70+%.
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